Flower – Lotus


Lotus is the national flower of India. It symbolizes spirituality, divinity, fruitfulness, wealth, knowledge and illumination. One of the important features of the Lotus is that it grows in murky water and even then it is untouched by impurity. The flower Lotus signifies purity of heart and mind. The Lotus is also known as water lily and is an aquatic plant with broad floating leaves and bright aromatic flowers. It grows only in shallow waters and rises on a long stalk above the surface to bloom glorious.

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National bird – Peacock


The national bird of India is the Peacock. It is a symbol of grace, joy, beauty and love. It occupies a respectable position in Indian culture. It is protected not only by religious sentiments but also by religious sentiments but also by parliamentary statue. The Indian peacock is a colourful, swan-sized bird with a fan-shaped crest of feathers on its head. It has a white patch under the eye and has a long-slender neck. The male peacock is more colourful than the female one.

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Garter sets to complete your attire

Garter Sets

Garter sets are narrow bands of fabric clothing fastened around the leg to hold the stockings up. They are usually a couple of inches in width and made of either leather or any type of heavier cloth decorated with ornaments such as ribbons, charms, trinkets, fabric flowers, crystals, small bells or beads. Garters may also refer to those used in weddings for the traditional garter toss. This type of garter set consists of a wedding garter for the wedded couple to keep, and another one to toss to a group of people for ceremonial purposes.

Choosing the right wedding Garter Sets can be narrowed down by color or theme. Garter sets will have two garters; one for the garter toss and one as the grooms’ keepsake garter. The fun will be doubled with a wedding garter set as the groom removes his garter first and puts it on his arm as a “trophy” and then goes for the second garter to toss at the male guests. He can make this drawn out and suspenseful for all the guys that are vying for the garter.

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Hindu Rituals – Part 2

HIndu Rituals

The expected mother is of made to wear a lot of bangles and most of them are of glass. Most of them are of red and green colours and the sound of these bangles are supposed to reach the womb. In some of the custom these bangles are removed only during the delivery and given to the midwife at the birth of a child.

Arti is performed during the function. The mother of the girl presents her silk sarees and also gifts her with gold and silver bangles. The mother-to-be is presented with gifts by the invitees and a feast is given to them.

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Hindu Rituals – Part 1

HIndu Rituals

Hinduism is the religion of the majority of the population of India. The holy books of the religion namely the Vedas and the Upanishads clearly explain the rituals and their mystical contents.

Valaikappu or Seemantha is one of the rituals of the Hindus. The ceremony is performed during the odd months of pregnancy mostly during the seventh month for the expectant mother in her mother’s house. Pooja is performed and prayers are invoked for the well being of the mother-to-be and the foetus. Mostly women are invited for this function.

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Vests for men

Vest for men

The internet is a place where one can source wide variety of vests whether it is for a formal or business occasion or for a relaxed spin. The quality mens vest is excellent something a must for everyone. The vest style garments have been extremely popular in recent times which have added to hundreds of years of utility and fashion. The design of vest has diversified a lot in recent times and offers vests for fishing, boating, hunting, formal wear, casual and work requirements.

The formal dress type vest for men is very popular and is worn as a part of a suit or with a jacket and tie and the dress vest will make you stand out from the crowd. This is worn informally with a t-short or no shirt; these waistcoats are quite popular these days. If one wishes to look casual, but stylish and sophisticated, then the formal vest is just what you need.

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Indian Textiles – Part 2

Indian textiles

Continued from Part 1

The land of Bengal and Kerala is lush and green and most of the people wear white clothes. The Desert areas of Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi have intense sunburnt colours with strong linear patterns. Embroidery and mirror work is predominant here.

The rich river plains have a softer texture and milder colours with linear patterns and well-defined borders. Mostly floral patterns are used for the decorations of the cloth. In the Deccan region, the colours match the black alluvial soil of the area. Dark maroon, bottle green and turquoise blue are common colours here.

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Indian Textiles – Part 1

Indian textiles

India has a various range of textiles of varied designs and manufactured by numerous techniques when compared to other countries in the world. The style of the textile depends upon the location of the place, cultural influences, climatic conditions and trade contacts.

The varied topography of India from the snowy mountains to the rich river valleys and from the lush forests to the arid deserts as well as the various cultures brought down here from the invaders have influenced the growth of a number of textile weaves.


Continued in Part 2

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Apogee Duet

Apogee Duet

Apogee makes several audio products mainly for the recording studio and they have a very good reputation for their high-end audio converters: digital to analogue and analogue to digital. Duet Digital Interface sounds the way it does. It is this converter technology that they use in much higher end products that is found in the Duet as well. After you hook it up to your Firewire computer port you can make it the default sound source, meaning even the music from your iTunes library is going through the apogee duet.

Powerful and Sleek Looking thing looks and feels really nice, like it was made for a Mac. It not only looks but acts very different from all other audio interfaces you are used to seeing, with that single, large round control knob that makes it look a bit deceiving but this one knob is multi-functional and controls all your ins and outs, levels and MIDI devices. Duet Apogee is great for anyone that’s running Garageband, Apple Logic Express & Pro or Soundtrack Pro.

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Sikhism – Part 2


Continued from Part 1

Due to their Kesha, Sikh men tie up their hair like a bun and hide it inside a turban. They didn’t want to be tripping over a long dhoti and they did not want to be caught without a weapon and that is why the Kacha and Kritipan.

Guru Nanak, who was born in 1469, founded the Sikh religion. He was born at Talnandi village near Lahore in Pakistan, and it is the core of any Sikh pilgrimage. He came from a Hindu-Shatriya family. He was one of the many 16th century Poet-Philosophers known as Sants, who formed cults that introduced Islamic elements into Hinduism. Nanak advocated one god who is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim but simply “Sat” meaning truth.

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